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No. Researcher Title Abstract Year
71 Nyunt Win EFFECTS OF MONOMER ON THE ELECTRICALL CONDUCTIVE POLMER The effects of monomers on the electrically conductive polymer films were studied. In the preparation of conductive film, pyrrole (Py) and formyl pyrrole (FPy) were used as the source of monomers. Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) and chloroform were utilized as a catalyst and solvent. One of the synthesis parameters, mole fractions of FPy against Py, was systematically varied from 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 to 0.9 respectively. Then, the effects of monomers on the electrical properties of obtained conductive polymer films were studied. The formation of film was characterized and confirmed by ultraviolet-visible(UV-vis ), X-rays diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectrometry(FTIR). Frequency dependent electrical conductivity of the prepare film is increased with the increasing mole fraction of FPy. 2018
72 Min Maung Maung THE OCCURRENCE AND CRSTAL STRUCTURE OF TUNGSTEN BEARING ORES-MINERAL AT KANBOUK TANINTHARI REGION (MANMAR) lowest expansion coefficient of all metals. The quality and the costs of producing the metal greatly depends on the efficiency of the concentrating steps performed at the rather limited number of mining sites. In this work, the tungsten (W) and tin (Sn) were produced in wolframite ore from Kanbouk mine by calcinations process and their structural properties were analyzed by using X-ray diffraction method. The elemental analysis was done by Energy Dispersive X-rays Fluorescence (EDXRF) method. The electric and magnetic properties of these samples were also observed PERMAGRAPH L and LCR meter. 2018
73 Sint Ohnmar STRUCTURAL, ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF WOLFRAMITE (FeMnWO4) FROM PHARCHAUNG MINE IN TANINTHARYI REGION The sintering process of ore mineral which is important for designing scientific and economic sintering schedule. The sintering behavior of electrical conductivity and a structural tile were investigated using thermal analysis techniques. In this paper, the conductivity of FeMnWO4 sample was determined by annealing method and the activation energy was observed 0.4147 eV. And also the thermal loop was observed in the temperature range between 303K-623K-303K. The weight loss was observed 4.599% from TGA curve and the oxidation process occurred from the exothermic peak at 464.56 ?C. The crystal structure and the morphology of FeMnWO4 powder were observed by XRD and scanning electron microscope. The magnetic properties of wolframite was also observed by PERMAGRAPH L 2018
74 Soe Soe Thin MEASUREMENT OF EARTH RESISTANCE IN PYAY UNIVERSITY COMPOUND USING MODEL 220 EARTH RESISTANCE TESTER have an effect on the earth resistance (resistivity). The earth resistance tester (Model 2720 ER) which containing three electrodes were used to measure the earth resistance. The earth resistance data were collected for different temperatures (actually different times). The electrodes were driven down to the same depth and equal distances apart in a straight line. According to the data, it was found that the earth resistance depends on temperature and seasonal variation. From the results, the values of earth resistance were less than 5. According to the IEEE standard, this area is suitable for telecommunication facilities and distribution substation. 2018
75 Kyauk Khe Sein FARICATION OF POROUS SILICON FOR MEMS DEVICES APPLICATION The porous layers can be used as sacrificial layers due to the high reactivity of the material which leads to a new class of micromachined MEMS devices. The porous silicon (PS) has been fabricated on p-type silicon wafers by anodization, photolithographic metal assisted etching and metal assisted chemical etching techniques. The surface and cross-sectional inspections of the silicon wafers were performed with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the porosity of wafers is determined Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). It is found that the porous formation in silicon can control with adjustable metal concentration and time by metal assisted etching method. According to the characterization results the metal assisted chemical etching method gives better porous morphological structure which is suitable for MEMS and sensor applications. 2018
76 Khin Su Myat Phone STUDY ON STRUCTURAL, MORPHOLOGICAL, OPTICAL AND PHOTOVOLTAIC PERFORMANCE OF CdS1-xSex (x .2 mol) THIN FILMS Y CHEMICAL ATH DEPOSITION TECHNIUE The CdS 1-xSex (x = 0.2 mol ) sol-solution was prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition(CBD) Technique. The temperature treatment in the water bath was at 100 C for 1 h. CdSSe thin films were formed onto the pure glass substrates by chemical bath deposition method. Phase identification and crystallographic properties of CdSSe thin films were examined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique while the surface appearances (morphology) of fabricated films were also identified by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Optical properties of CdSSe films were used by UV-Vis spectroscopy. The electrical properties of CdSSe thin film solar cells have been studied the photovoltaic (PV) performances with a focus on the influence of temperature treatment at 350 C and 400 C. The capacitance-voltage characteristics of CdSSe thin films deposited at room temperature and the effect of different thermal annealing were carried out. The maximum power output, series resistance, shunt resistance and built in voltage were calculated from the I-V and C-V measurements. This research has been focused on the investigation of structural, optical and photovoltaic performances of CdS1-xSex (x=0.2 mol) thin films by chemical bath deposition technique. 2018
77 Phyu Phyu Khaing STUDY ON CHARACTERIATION OF Mg.5Cu.5Fe2O4 FERRITE COMPOUND epared by usual ceramic method at 1100C for 10 h in vacuum chamber (160 mmHg). Starting materials of Analar (AR) grade Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Copper Oxide (CuO), and Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) with desired stoichiometric composition were used to prepare the sample. The X-ray analysis was carried out to investigate the phase formation. The crystallite size was estimated by using collected XRD lines to examine the nanosized ferrite particles. SEM method was used to investigate the microstructural properties of the sample. D.C electrical conductivities of the sample were investigated in the temperature range 303 K 1218 K to study the electrical conductivity. 2018
78 Shwe Sin Oo STUDY OF DNA SEQUENCE IN HUMAN GENES WITH STATISTICAL MECHANICS All living things have DNA. Human DNA contains about 38,000 genes. Characteristics of these living things depend on DNA sequence. Each gene sequence is determined by the way the base amino acid pairs (AT and CG) are arranged. In this work, human DNA base pairs were studied by statistical mechanics to investigate if the existing arrangement of these base pairs in human genes are in statistical equilibrium according to Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics. 2018
79 Win Win Maw THEORETICAL ANALYSIS ON -PARC E31 EXPERIMENT The research work is to analyze the missing mass and the invariant mass spectra of D (K-, n) (1405) reaction process which was conducted at J-PARC E31 experiment with 1.0 GeV/c incident momentum of K-. This reaction is expected to enhance a virtual N K scattering process, where a K- beam kicks a neutron out of the deuteron target in a forward angle and is slowing down to form a (1405) with a residual nucleon. We have calculated the missing mass spectrum D(K-, n) Y reaction with Greens function method by using YA potential for N K interaction. We have also used the NK coupled channel Yukawa type separable potential to compute the invariant mass spectrum. We observed that the missing mass spectrum of the D (K-, n) Y reaction at a neutron forward angle has two peaks below the K-p threshold and above the threshold respectively. The former peak represents (1405) state while the latter is a quasi-free K-p peak. . We have analyzed the invariant mass spectrum of 0 In,KD where final state is given in 0 I isospin basis. Our calculated invariant mass spectrum of shows the prominent peak below the threshold while quasi-free part is largely suppressed. We have also studied the invariant mass spectrum with final charge states separately which are +- , -+ , 0 0 2018
80 Thet Thet Cho SENSITIVITY AND APPLICATION TO LOW ELEMENTS Y X RAY DETECTION SYSTEM The sensitivity of the X ray detection has been investigated for low -elements. The sample preparation and measurement were made for low elements to determine the influence of the pelletizing pressure on sensitivity. Depending on characteristics of SPECTRO XEPOS Spectrometer, the minimum pelletizing pressure of the sample for low element was determined. The results indicated that the minimum pelletizing pressure of the samples is required for the reduction of surface effect and to yield precise results. For aluminum and silicon, the minimum pressed weight of 14 ton is needed, but for potassium, a pressed weight of 12 ton is adequate. For sulfur and calcium, the pressed weight of 10 ton is sufficient. The optimized values have been tested and demonstrated on standard reference material GSR 07. It is observed that in the experimental configurations currently installed, these optimum valued allowed to determine the certified values with an accuracy of 1.33% for low- elements. 2018